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Stay on top of what’s happening with more trends, greater detail, faster updates and new controls

Trendsmap Plus allows you to get more out of, which has been providing real-time local Twitter trends since 2009.

Features include

  • 7 day history
  • Up to 5 times more trends
  • Filters for usernames, hashtags and words
  • Faster updates
  • More information for each trend:
    • More videos (now including vines and vimeo)
    • More images
    • More links
    • More people
  • Enhanced interface
  • Better tablet and smartphone support
  • No ads

Just $19 per month

You can see some examples below of the difference between what you see with our Free and Plus plans.

There is a slider in the middle of each image. Move it horizontally to see how our Free and Plus plans compare.

Just $19 per month