On this page you can see a video overview of the main features of Trendsmap Alerts.

The main features are also described below, and at the bottom of the page are FAQs.

You can learn about the visualisation tool here.

Trendsmap Alerts send you details about the most popular tweets for a particular query. You can be alerted by email or through Slack.

There are two ways you can set up your alert.

  1. Run an analysis query first, or
  2. Start an alert from scratch.

1. Run an analysis query first

This enables you to first see the kind of results that you would be getting. You can also then fine-tune the query by adding or removing additional keywords.

Note that you can even use emojis in your query.

Once you are happy with your query, click the “>> Create an alert for this topic” at the bottom of the Summary section.

Your query and filters will be brought through to the Alert configuration page. You can then set your Interval and, if you would like to receive the alerts in Slack, add the name of the Slack channel for the alert.

Once you click Save, the monitoring for that alert will start.

2. Start an alert from scratch

This is useful if you know exactly what you want to be alerted on – for example just one hashtag, and don’t need to check for the results in Analytics first.

In this instance just add your query, set any filters you wish to apply, and the Interval between alerts. You can also set the name of the Slack channel for the alert.

Once you click Save, the monitoring for that alert will start.

Please note that for Slack alerts you also need to include your API key on your account page:

  1. Go to https://my.slack.com/services/new/bot (Login if needed)
  2. Give your bot a username (eg trendsmap, trendsmapbot etc.)
  3. Click ‘Add bot integration’
  4. Make a note of the API Token
  5. Create the channel if it doesn’t already exist and invite the bot to that channel. You can update any other details you wish to there to change the appearance of the bot within your Slack.
  6. Add the API token in the 3rd Party Integration section of your account page.

Note that the amount of tweets you receive in the alerts depends on a number of factors, particularly how loose or tight the query is, and how popular that topic is.

Please note that the initial alert will likely include more tweets than you will typically receive for subsequent alerts.

Email alerts

The email alert includes the top tweets for that query in the timeframe specified. Next to each tweet are also details on the amount of total likes and favourites.

Also included are links to explore the topic within Analytics, and, at the bottom of the email, a link to edit the configuration of the alert.

Slack alerts


Alerts in slack embed the tweet and media, and include details on the total likes and favourites for that tweet.

Below are FAQs about the main Trendsmap Alerts features, and at the bottom of the page are FAQs about billing and general company information.

How do I get an API token from Slack
  1. Go to https://my.slack.com/services/new/bot (Login if needed)
  2. Give your bot a username (eg trendsmap, trendsmapbot etc.)
  3. Click ‘Add bot integration’
  4. You will then be given an API Token
Can you help me to “trend”?

Trendsmap is not a tool for ‘making’ trends. It has no ability to increase your user or hashtag followers etc.

Our trends are created through complex algorithms relating to volume of tweets within geographical boundaries. They are also dependant upon what else is trending within the same area.

So if you are looking for a tool to help make your hashtag or user account ‘trend’, Trendsmap is not the tool for you.

What technology has been used to build Trendsmap?

This site has only been possible due to a number of different components. A list of many of the components & services we use are listed below.

If you have any queries regarding the development, you can contact lead developer, John Barratt via Twitter.

System Components

Javascript libraries


How can we report bugs or suggest new features?

There are two ways you can offer feedback on this site, be it a feature suggestion, bug report, or whatever.

  • There is a suggestions link in the page footer, which goes to a dedicated uservoice forum for offering feedback and voting for your favourites.
  • You can also contact us here.
Can I get copies of my invoices?

You can now download pdf’s of all your invoices.

Please go to your Accounts Page which can be located by clicking on your Twitter Username in the top navigation bar.

Here you can cancel, see your subscription dates, change your primary contact or Organisation address/details, change your credit card details or send us a message.

What are my payment options?

Payments can be made with Visa and Mastercard credit cards, or through PayPal account you can also pay with PayPal, American Express and Discover.

We can offer invoicing, and other billing options for organisations wishing to purchase multiple subscriptions, or purchase Plus subscriptions a year in advance. Please contact us to arrange this.

Can I share a Trendsmap subscription with a colleague?

Trendsmap subscriptions are designed to be used by an individual signing in through their Twitter, Facebook or Instagram account.

If you require multiple subscriptions for your organisation, please contact us and we will be happy to discuss our multiple subscription discounts with you.

Is there a minimum contract period?


We want to make it very flexible for you.

Your subscription to Trendsmap is automatically billed monthly or annually. You can cancel at any time.

If you cancel before the end of a billing period, you’ll retain access until that billing period is over.

How do I change from a monthly to an annual subscription?

We will be making this automated but in the changeover period, please contact us and we will organise this for you.

Can you invoice me for a subscription?

We are happy to invoice for annual Plus subscriptions however we will need to add a admin/bank transfer fee of $30 per subscription.

We can accept payment via Paypal or Master/Visa card. We do not accept payment via Check

How can I cancel my Trendsmap subscription?

You can cancel by clicking on your Twitter username in the top right navigation bar. This will take you to your accounts page.

Follow the links to cancel. If you cancel mid subscription, you will continue to have access until the end of your payment period.

Alternatively, if you contact us, we are happy to assist.

How do I get access to all Trendsmap’s Plus features?

Your first access to Trendsmap will bring you to the Home page. From here you will be able to click on words on the map and see small thumbnail images/tweets etc. To see more detail of these you will need to Register.

Once you have Registered using your favourite social media (Facebook, Twitter or Instagram) you will immediately have full access to all Plus features. This will be for 1 week and you do not need to enter any credit card details.


After 1 week trial you will be asked to enter payment details:

Once payment option is selected and successfully completed you will continue to have access to all Trendsmap Plus features.

Remember, our subscriptions are automatically renewed each month so please cancel if you do not wish to renew.

Do you have any cool videos from Trendsmap showing events unfold over time?

Yes we do! Below you can see videos of some noteable events as they unfolded and were played out on Trendsmap.

You can see all Trendsmap videos on our YouTube channel and subscribe to be updated when new ones are added.

We also share a lot of visualisations on our Twitter account

10th – 25th June, 2010 – FIFA World Cup Visualisation – Group Stage

13th December, 2009 – The XFactor Finals unfolding over the UK

30th September, 2009 – Samoa Earthquake & Tsunami

When did Trendsmap first launch

The development of Trendsmap commenced in June 2009 and the site was launched in September 2009.

When we first launched, Twitter only provided global trends, (Twitter did not introduce local trends until January 2010), so one of our main objectives was to provide local trends for as many locations as we could.

Trendsmap continues to evolve as more cities, languages and features are added.

Why do I need to authorize Trendsmap to login with my Twitter account?

The reason Trendsmap needs permission for posting is so you can use retweet, favorite and reply to tweets you find within the Trendsmap interface.

We understand any concerns you may have. and appreciate there have been some unscrupulous websites that have done things like send out promotional materials on user accounts.

Trendsmap would never post content to your account without your explicit request to do so, such as you retweeting a tweet from within Trendsmap, like you would from your normal Twitter client.

We would never update your profile, send tweets on your behalf or follow new people.