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One-off or ongoing data feeds for analysis, alerts or visualisations

  • Find out about trends, users, tweets from last week, last month, or last year
  • Analysis is possible as far back as mid 2009, and in some cases further using our extensive data archive
  • Know what tweets, users, images, videos, URLs were most popular
  • Data can be produced based upon a city, country, or arbitrary area
  • One off reports, or an API for ongoing queries within your subject of interest can be provided


  • Starts at $100 per month, depending on requirements

All prices in USD

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Example uses

One-off reports

We can provide individual data reports for analysis in popular tools such as Excel

Ongoing data feeds

Incorporate our data feeds into your Command Center or other analytics tools

Broadcast or publishing graphics

Create your own visualisations from raw or processed data


Set up alerts for trends or activity that passes defined thresholds