Get custom alerts on emerging trends and viral content

Find out emerging trends in your country or city, or by language or topic

Set keywords, phrases, usernames or hashtags to block or boost

Monitor for links from websites such as Reddit, Instagram or Facebook

Filter for just videos, images or links, or for verified accounts only

See top tweets, images, links, locations, related words and hashtags and more

Receive alerts to Slack, by email, protected tweet or SMS in real-time, or as frequently as you like

Example use cases

  • Keep track of a huge range of topics, such as hundreds of celebrities, and be notified when they are being mentioned significantly more than normal.
  • Get regular summaries of the most popular content about your topic of interest, or mentioning your competitors.
  • Find out images and videos that are being shared a lot, but originating from accounts with a low amount of followers – a powerful indicator of pre-viral content.
  • Monitor disaster keywords in multiple languages so that you are know first when something significant is happening overseas.

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