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  • The data provided by Trendsmap for our political "TwitterTalk" section was a significant draw card. It provided a one-stop-shop for what twitter users were saying about the election, and as such was a window on a whole new section of public discussion.

    Melbourne University
    Melbourne University
  • Love your product and the ease with which you all have worked with us.

    Al Jazeera
    Al Jazeera
  • Using it to monitor the #EnergyRevolution.

  • Speed is everything when it comes to being a breaking entertainment news station, and Trendsmap Plus ensures we are ahead of the rest giving us the latest trending videos and stories. It’s a faster service than other products on the market and more up to date than the regular site and well worth the investment.

    Spin 103.8 Dublin
    Spin 103.8 Dublin
  • Trendsmap has been very helpful in getting a quick view of trending conversation specific to location, especially within the context of localized brand initiatives monitored as part of iCitizen Live, Resource’s social listening center.

  • Trendsmap gave us the ability to really see where our community was engaging in #30DaysofTeal - a month-long campaign dedicated to raising ovarian cancer awareness. It was incredible to see where people were participating and what they were saying about our cause.

    Ovarian Cancer National Alliance
    Ovarian Cancer National Alliance
  • Trendsmap is a very powerful tool to visualize and identify the most compelling subjects of public policies – and public services – that have been discussed on Twitter. With accurate geographic precision, the software is able to monitor a wide array of themes without being difficult to operate, and really helped FGV/DAPP, a think tank of research in public policies, to monitor the greatest debates concerning the 2014 Brazilian Elections. We were able to portray a precise and dense map of Brazilian online participation, with its regional questions and national demands, in terms of public health, state transparency, education and public transport. We gratefully thank Trendsmap, who are great to work with, for the continuous help and attention devoted to our partnership.

    FGV (Fundação Getulio Vargas)
    FGV (Fundação Getulio Vargas)
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